Cocoa Trader New   PREMIUM MEMBERS PREVIEW18/10/2019
Cocoa Trader
Coffee Marketer Geneva16/08/2019Coffee Marketer
Coffee Trader New   PREMIUM MEMBERS PREVIEW18/10/2019
Coffee Trader
Directeur Général Africa12/07/2019 Directeur Général
Grains and Oilseeds Sales Trader Madrid13/09/2019Grains and Oilseeds Sales Trader
Shipping Operator - Containers Switzerland24/05/2019 Shipping Operator - Containers


Financial Controller New   PREMIUM MEMBERS PREVIEW18/10/2019
Financial Controller
Junior Risk Manager Germany26/08/2019 Junior Risk Manager
Oil Trader Stand-by  Zug15/05/2019 Oil Trader
Trade Finance Officer/Trading Operator Zug15/05/2019 Trade Finance Officer/Trading Operator
Trade Finance Manager Germany17/05/2019 Trade Finance Manager

Fertilizers & Chemicals

Senior Fertilizer Trader New   PREMIUM MEMBERS PREVIEW18/10/2019
Senior Fertilizer Trader


Geologist - Metals & Mining - Africa Geneva24/05/2019Geologist - Metals & Mining - Africa
Senior Steel Trader New  Switzerland04/10/2019Senior Steel Trader

Shipping & Logistics

Freight Trader Geneva09/08/2019Freight Trader


Tax Expert / Fiscaliste Geneva08/07/2019Tax Expert / Fiscaliste