Junior Derivatives Trader - Soft commodities Geneva17/02/2017Junior Derivatives Trader - Soft commodities
Purchasing Manager - Green Coffee Suisse Romande23/03/2017Purchasing Manager - Green Coffee
Sales Manager - Ukrainian Immediate Closing  Switzerland09/12/2016Sales Manager - Ukrainian
Senior Trader - Soft Commodities Urgent  Switzerland13/03/2017Senior Trader - Soft Commodities

Asset Management

Portfolio Manager Stand-by  Geneve21/06/2016Portfolio Manager

Corporate & Investment Banking / Trade Finance

Trade Finance Officer Urgent  Geneva08/02/2017Trade Finance Officer


Account Officer/Transaction Officer New  Geneva31/03/2017Account Officer/Transaction Officer
Communications Manager Urgent  Geneva02/05/2017Communications Manager
E&P Manager New  Switzerland24/03/2017E&P Manager
Legal Manager Oil & Gas New  Geneva27/04/2017Legal Manager Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas Operator -07/04/2017Oil & Gas Operator
Oil Data Analyst New   PREMIUM MEMBERS PREVIEW24/05/2017
Oil Data Analyst
Oil Derivatives Broker Switzerland01/12/2016Oil Derivatives Broker
Oil Products Marketer Switzerland15/03/2017Oil Products Marketer
Oil Products Trader New  Geneva25/04/2017Oil Products Trader
Senior Advisor to the CEO/ Business Assistant Urgent  Geneva02/05/2017Senior Advisor to the CEO/ Business Assistant
Senior Derivatives Trader Switzerland20/07/2016Senior Derivatives Trader
Senior LPG Trader Urgent  Geneva16/05/2017Senior LPG Trader
Trading Manager/ Oil & Gas WAF markets Urgent  Geneva14/02/2017Trading Manager/ Oil & Gas WAF markets
Trading Operator New  ..05/05/2017Trading Operator

Fertilizers & Chemicals

Trading Operator – Dry & Liquid Geneva17/02/2017Trading Operator – Dry & Liquid

HR & Legal

Corporate Lawyer & Finance Lawyer Urgent  Geneva22/03/2017Corporate Lawyer & Finance Lawyer


Senior Copper Trader Geneva24/03/2017Senior Copper Trader

Office Management / Assistant / PA

Administrative Assistant Stand-by  Switzerland28/12/2016Administrative Assistant
Sales Assistant - Internship Geneva17/02/2017Sales Assistant - Internship

Shipping & Logistics

Commercial Assistant Geneva03/05/2017Commercial Assistant
Operators Geneva21/12/2016Operators
Shipping Operator Geneva22/03/2017Shipping Operator
Soft Commodities Operator Urgent  Paris07/04/2017Soft Commodities Operator

Ampersand World

Junior Office Manager - Trainee (6 months) Geneva28/11/2016Junior Office Manager - Trainee (6 months)


Office Director - Africa Urgent  Africa01/03/2017Office Director - Africa
Corporate Accountant New  Geneva07/04/2017Corporate Accountant
Director of Finance and Administration– Africa Urgent  Africa01/03/2017Director of Finance and Administration– Africa
Project Manager Africa Urgent  Africa01/03/2017Project Manager  Africa
Traders Geneva21/12/2016Traders