Documentary Credit Officer (4 months contract) Closed  Switzerland29/06/2020Documentary Credit Officer (4 months contract)
Manufacturing Manager (Sugar production) West Africa26/06/2020Manufacturing Manager (Sugar production)
Senior Accountant Stand-by  Switzerland03/07/2020Senior Accountant
Trade Finance Manager Stand-by  Switzerland03/07/2020Trade Finance Manager
Trading/Sipping Operator (CDD 6 months) New  Geneva28/07/2020Trading/Sipping Operator (CDD 6 months)
Trading Operator Soft Commodities (dry) New  Geneva30/07/2020Trading Operator Soft Commodities (dry)

Corporate & Investment Banking / Trade Finance

Marketer / Senior Originator Geneva12/03/2020Marketer / Senior Originator
Structurer Switzerland12/03/2020Structurer


Business Developer Geneva01/07/2020Business Developer
Biofuels Trader Switzerland03/07/2020Biofuels Trader
Oil Products Trader Stand-by  London26/06/2020Oil Products Trader


Aluminium Trader France03/07/2020Aluminium Trader
Traffic Operator New  Switzerland29/07/2020Traffic Operator

Shipping & Logistics

Group Head of Operations & Logistics (Dubai) New  Dubai23/07/2020Group Head of Operations & Logistics (Dubai)
Junior Operator Stand-by  Switzerland02/03/2020Junior Operator

Ampersand World

Administrative Recruitment Assistant Geneve08/06/2020Administrative Recruitment Assistant